Wellbeing and Love Cafe

1H had a lovely pamper day with our parents on Wednesday. We took part in yoga, relaxation, baking and sensory play with bath bombs. It was good to spend time with those that we love and take some out of our busy day to relax.

Then on Valentines Day we were treated to a love cafe hosted by the school council, we had cakes, bracelets and free hugs! It was lovely and we really enjoyed it, take a look at our video.
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Building together

In topic this term we are learning all about our local area, before we take a trip to see some Wigan landmarks we looked at the different types of houses and decided to build one for Walt the monster. We needed to write him an address and give him a door number.

Our first week in 1H


What a lovely first week we have had in 1H. The children settled in beautifully and we’re looking forward to more learning next week. In Literacy we will be reading “Oi Dog” and chikka chikka boom boom as we learn about letter sounds and alphabet rhymes.

In numeracy this term we will be exploring all things shape and pattern. 

Take a look at a little video from our first week back. Have a good weekend ⭐️